Pensioner/Student Partners 

We understand that you want to support us, but that you may not have a great deal to spend. We welcome your expression of support.

We have a great deal for you. Half price, that’s right, your support is half price, and you get all the benefits too! You won’t get a better deal anywhere.

Just $0.50 a week, that’s just $26 a year, and you get all the benefits of Life FM Partnership. Your subscription to the devotional Word for Today is included. Life FM Partners are members of Bathurst Christian Broadcasters Inc.

Once you have become a Partner, check out the opportunities for a rewarding way of spending your available time. Just visit our Volunteers page

To sign up now please complete our Partnership application, then use the link below to pay your subscription:

What are the benefits of Life FM Partnership? Click here to find out

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us.