Approach to market

Radio messages build up an image over time. Unless you are targetting a product launch or event, it is better to take a longer term approach to bringing your message to our listeners. A message on community radio helps to reinforce the community’s assurance that your business is interested in the community and actively supports community based activities, while at the same time making our listeners aware of your product or service.

Life FM 100.1 wants its business supporters to enjoy the long term promotional benefits by finding the appropriate placement for their message. This may be by tagging a featured program, which is recommended, or by regular, or random presentation of your message. Whatever selection you make, we are here to support your business promotion efforts on community radio.

Our promotional packages are structured to allow businesses to participate according to their means, and the desired level of coverage, in an affordable package. We see business sponsors as partners and will work closely with you to ensure success.

A recent survey indicates that Life FM 100.1 listeners are predominately in the 25+ age groupings. This survey also indicated we have gained 14% of local radio listeners. In 2008, national research indicated that 57% of radio listeners listen to community radio in any month, and that community radio is a rapidly growing media force. Surveys indicate that local listeners tune in on average 2.7 hours a day.

Life FM 100.1 broadcast footprint, at full power, reaches listeners from Katoomba in the East, to Molong in the West, from Mudgee in the North, to Taralga in the South. Life FM 100.1 specifically services the Bathurst region.

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