Current Life FM Sponsors  

Life FM would like to acknowledge the valuable support of these sponsors and contributors:

Leading the Way – by Dr. Michael Youssef

Barlow Property Services

Martin Phillips Pharmacy

Martin Phillips Pharmacy is in the Trinity Heights Shopping Centre, Gilmore Street, Kelso

Martin Phillips Pharmacy

Pan American Broadcasting

    PanAmerican  Broadcasting


Community Broadcasting Foundation

Pilgrim Books

Pilgrim Books has a Christian bookstore at 52 Mcnamara Street in Orange

Pilgrim Books

The Glorious Gospel Church

The Glorious Gospel Church prepares and presents the Gospel Show

Glorious Gospel Church

Would you like to join these sponsors and reach 57% of radio listeners? Potentially you can.

The 2008 McNair Ingenuity listenership survey found that a staggering 57% of listeners listen to community radio at some time in each month. In our own region, our own surveys have shown that 14% are dedicated Life FM 100.1 listeners> Our own surveys suggest that 14% of radio listeners are committed Life FM 100.1 listeners.

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