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How to Help Kids Process Grief

As parents it may be tempting to want to find a solution and develop a plan to help our child get over it, but it’s not our job to ‘fix it’ for our kids.

The Beauty of Broken Women

Strong, influential voices are standing up and speaking about their brokenness. Have the tables finally turned on the demands of perfectionism for women?

“You Belong” – Changing Refugees’ Lives in Toowoomba, With Love

When Queenslander Tim Buxton and his wife felt called by God to the Middle East to work with people in need, they had no idea what was about to erupt.

Respect Your Right this Election Weekend – Make Voting a Priority

By: Murray Norman The NSW State Election is on this Saturday 23rd of March.  It’s important as community members that we make it a priority in our weekend – to pray, consider and vote.

Captain Marvel – Should She Really Be Our Leader? [Movie Review]

As the first Marvel movie to have a stand-alone female lead and female co-writer and director, Captain Marvel enjoys some good bouts of girl power.

Why Muslim and Christian Leaders are Praying for the Gunman Behind the Christchurch Terror Attack

In a show of unlikely grace, some Muslim and Christian leaders alike are praying not only for the faith community, but also for the Australian gunman.

6 Ways to Help Young Children Resist Peer Pressure

While most people associate peer pressure with teens, there’s an emerging peer pressure beginning in childhood that is often overlooked.

The 10-Year Challenge – ‘Tech Style’

The 10-year challenge would not have even been possible ten years ago. It’s incredible to look at how much has changed in the last decade.

Salted Macadamia Ice Cream Dessert (Dairy Free)

This delicious dairy free creamy, salted macadamia ice cream dessert will impress your guests with its full flavour and creaminess.

Leather-Clad Preacher to Outlaws: John Smith (1942-2019)

John Smith, legendary Australian minister, commentator, activist and founder of the God’s Squad Motorcycle Club has died after a long battle with cancer.