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Suicide: Here’s What Survivors Want You to Know

Diana is a hair stylist and public health advocate. Chestnut hair, warm smile and caring towards others. She’s also a five-time suicide attempt survivor.

Are You Paving The Cattle Track?

When looking to adapt or innovate, don’t go over the same paths without considering whether a fundamental reform is required.

Mr March – Are All Dads That Perfect?

We recently had Father’s Day, and it’s a pretty fun day, according to all the TV ads. Reality check? Being a dad isn’t easy.

WATCH: The Small Thing You Can Do To Help Prevent A Suicide

This week we had World Suicide Prevention Day. This short video highlights a small but significant thing you can do that might save a life.

R U OK Day – Having the conversation and what to do if the answer is ‘no’.

While R U OK day has led to important breakthroughs for many people and has likely saved lives, too many people nod and say, “yep I’m ok”, when they’re not.

Watching ‘A Dog’s Journey’, You Do Wonder Who These Movies Are For

A Dog’s Journey follows on from the 2017 release A Dog’s Purpose. We’re reintroduced to Bailey, a beautiful pup who’s learning to discover his purpose.

God uses Operation Christmas Child to Launch Mongolian Churches

Your shoebox gift can have an incredible impact on a community overseas. Shoebox gifts are opening doors for a church in Mongolia.

If Only You Knew

If only you knew who I am, and what I have for you, you wouldn’t ever doubt me again. You’d never feel worthless,  you’d never feel alone again.

Tabora Mission Brings Unity and Religious Clarity to Bustling Tanzanian City

Christianity is considered a minority religion and is largely rejected by the Muslim population living in Tabora, however, the locals do value help from churches.

The 11 Dad Joke Styles, According to ‘How-To-Dad’ Jordan Watson

How To Dad’s Jordan Watson has nailed the majority of our fathers’ joke-telling styles, in his video, How to Tell Jokes Like a Dad.