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Food Insecurity In Australia? More Than 1 in 5 Aussies Have Not Had Enough To Eat.

More than 1 in 5 Australians (21%) have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months, meaning they ran out of food and were unable to buy more.

We Are God’s Masterpiece — Shradha’s Story

It makes me happy when I see people coming together, doing what they love, supporting each other. Human beings are God’s masterpiece.

NASA Sent a Message to the Universe. Here’s What Came Back.

Recently NASA released some fascinating facts about its Voyager 2 spacecraft. Late last year it left our solar system and now drifts in interstellar space.

A Balanced Approach to Parenting

Have you heard of Panda parenting? It’s kind of different to Tiger Parenting. It’s a bit more like Lawnmower or Snow Plough parenting.

What Was Your Favourite ACCTV Movie For 2019?

ACCTV are running their annual poll, where you get to decide what movies they will show in their Top 3 Countdown airing the first week of the New Year.

For The Woman Who’s Always Falling Short

I get that I’m a human who’s imperfect, but it’s so tempting when my mistakes confront me to see myself as a person who just always falls short.

Christianity: It’s No Blind Faith – John Dickson on the Latest Historical Evidence for Jesus’ Life

Have you ever asked yourself where the tenets of your Christian faith come from? What are the historical proofs for the Bible you read?

Leading and Managing Thriving Teams

Ashley Fell delivered a keynote presentation at The Future of Leadership in Australia and New Zealand on the topic of ‘Leading and managing thriving teams’.

The Changing Face of Schoolies

“The schoolies culture has changed quite significantly and it’s a lot easier to manage than ten years ago” says Red Frogs CEO Andy Gourley.

The Atheist Who Wants More Churches In Australia

Harvard Educated Federal Labor MP Andrew Leigh believes Australia could do with more churches. He believes churches are good for society. And yet Leigh is an Atheist.