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Mothers Pray: Your Prayer Adventure

This Life Hack is all about prayer, and praying for the ups and downs in your motherhood life. Here are some pointers about prayer.

‘Last Christmas’ Reminds us We’re All Connected [Movie Review]

The great thing about the pre-Christmas season, is that it’s totally OK for Australians to indulge in White Christmas fantasies.

What To Expect From The Schools Of Tomorrow

Doubts have risen surrounding the current form of education in Western countries, the preparation of students for a rapidly changing technological world.

U2 – The Greatest Christian Band That Never Was

As Irish supergroup U2 kick off the Australian leg of their Joshua Tree Tour we ask – are they the greatest Christian band that never was?

You Are a Friend of God

In your spiritual experience, do you consider yourself more as a slave to religion, or as a friend of God? This may determine your happiness in this life.

The future of events in the 2020’s

Events in Australia are big business. It ranks 8th amongst the top 50 countries for business events, a sector that accounts for AUD $1.48 trillion per year.

Navigating Your Children’s Unequal Abilities

It’s an objective fact: one of our children is always going to better than another child at any given activity. One child might be academically sharper.

How Busy Mums Can Make Time for Daily Devotions

Do you ever wish you could spend more time in the Word, but you’re just so busy taking care of your family that you don’t know how you possibly can?

3 Keys To A Culture Of Boldness

Here are 3 ways you can create a culture of boldness that will encourage the creativity and innovation you are aiming for in business.

I Want That… Pick me.

We have such a great responsibility as worship leaders to stand in the gap for others, drawing them deeper into His presence. You are there with purpose.