Your tax deductible gift today ensures that your Life FM Bathurst can continue to bring hope and speak life to the Bathurst and beyond. Bringing the good news of the Gospel every day through word and song. Thank you for your generosity, as we continue to bring hope to our community.

“To be able to hear Jesus on the radio means so much more than I can ever explain – I have had so many times in the last 12 months where God, with His perfect timing, has guided me or directed me, using a song, or words – the right words at the perfect time. There are so many times I have been listening, where I just looked up and said – “Thank you, I know that was from You!” So God bless all of you, for the wonderful work you do, and it is a joy and a privilege to keep giving to something so essential. – Jo

You make Life FM Bathurst possible – thank you!

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