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Isn’t it great to know your Life FM Bathurst is sharing the message of real hope every single day.

And for this listener-funded ministry, I’m writing to ask if you’d help Grow the Family by investing into your station so Life FM Bathurst can continue to be there for you and people in our community like Jayne. She wrote recently…

I was travelling from Sydney to Orange yesterday morning and as I drove into Bathurst, I decided to turn the radio on. I had never heard of your station before and it was the very first one that my car radio tuned into. I was extremely blessed and thankful. We were on our way to take my daughter to a specialist appointment at the hospital and each song spoke to my heart and kept me calm. What an amazing station. Blessings and peace to all involved. You’re amazing.

I’m just so grateful that God is using Life FM Bathurst to bring hope and comfort to Jayne through this time. Please join me in praying that He will continue to strengthen her and remind her that she’s not alone.

It’s for Jayne, you and 60,000 others that Life FM Bathurst must always be there on the radio and online to provide uplifting music and messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because…

Everybody needs hope and to be a part of a family.

That’s why I want to ask you to help Grow the Family by actively partnering with Life FM Bathurst. And one of the most powerful and tangible ways you can help is by becoming a member of the 100.1Club.

As a 100.1Club member, you’d provide a regular monthly investment to help keep Life FM Bathurst on the air to encourage you and people like Jayne.

For instance, you might like to invest $20 a month to provide something everybody needs… hope!

Please consider Growing the Family and becoming a 100.1Club member and let me know on your enclosed reply form.

We are praying for 50 new members for the 100.1Club during November to ensure there is a strong and sustainable foundation for your station’s future. And I am so excited for you to be one of these family members.

As a listener-funded station, Life FM Bathurst relies on your support. So, thank you for giving as generously as you can.

You’ll help your Life FM Bathurst continue to be there for you, your family – and so many others across Bathurst and the Central West. And you’ll bring the hope of Jesus… because everybody needs that life-changing hope.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your Grow the Family commitment today to help reach our community with real lasting hope. Thank you!

Single DonationMonthly Donation

Not a subject we like to discuss and we don’t expect that we will be early beneficiaries of your continued generosity, but Life FM Members can continue their support of Life FM 100.1 after their time has passed. It is very simple, include a bequest in your will. Your solicitor can advise you as to the best way to do this.

When you make a bequest you know your support of Life FM continues and you contribute substantially to the long term viability of Life FM 100.1.

We thank you for your generosity and continuing support of Life FM.